Product & Food Safety


Valley Select Foods Inc. packages fresh and frozen blueberries. We ship to our customers in Canada and the USA.

Frozen blueberries are graded to the highest quality standards. Our IQF blueberries are packaged in either 30 lb. or 1500 lb. boxes. All IQF blueberries are packaged in poly liners inside the box to insure the freshest product possible.

Fresh blueberries are packaged in 12 oz. (1 dry pint) or 18 oz. clamshells. Clamshells are then boxed and palletized, and shipped to the customer within hours of the initial harvest. This insures that our customers receive the freshest and highest quality blueberries.

Food Safety

Valley Select Foods Inc. is committed to the highest levels of food safety. We are certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and are FDA approved. Valley Select Foods is committed to continuous and ongoing improvements in food safety programs.

Our growers adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and must have a format program in place. All blueberries are inspected by several methods – visually, laser sorters (color & size), and metal detectors.

All product is fully traceable from the final customer, back through each step of the packaging and production process, to the original grower. Production and original harvest dates are all readily available In the highly unlikely event of a quality concern or product recall, all product and production activities are fully traceable through our traceability system.


Contact us for more detailed information about our stringent food safety and freshness requirements. We would love to hear from you!

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